The Messenger: November 2015

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Dear Friends,

What a glorious fall season we have had! Does anyone remember a more beautiful Thanksgiving Weekend? Because I can’t! The sunshine and the colours were dazzling! But now the seasons are changing…. In the Church year, the seasons are changing as well. The long season of Pentecost, which began on May 24, comes to an end on Nov. 22. On Nov. 29, the Church’s New Year begins with the first Sunday of Advent. The Advent season is our time of preparation for the birth of Jesus, with the beautiful colour of blue in the Church. With all the things that are part of getting ready for Christmas, I urge people to consider the importance of preparing for the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts, which is the Incarnation of God in the Christ Child of Bethlehem.

Christmas is seen as a time of gift giving. Both the Anglican Church, through the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, and the Lutheran Church, through Lutheran World Relief, have catalogues of alternative gift options. These are things like chickens, goats, soccer balls, mosquito nets, seeds, garden tools, school supplies, medical supplies, etc. etc. etc. for our brothers and sisters in need around the world. Please consider adding these kinds of gifts to the other things you give to family and friends, as an important part of your Christmas preparations.

As you may read about elsewhere in this newsletter, or hear in Church, the Parish Selection Committee has been working hard on our behalf to complete the Parish Profile, which will then be sent to both Bishop Peter and Bishop Michael. Once approved, the Parish Profile will be passed on to prospective candidates who are interested in applying for the position of Priest/Pastor here at St. Mark’s. A list of names will then be given to the Selection Committee to be interviewed by them. I am hoping and praying that a choice can be made by the end of this year. It will then take a period of time before the new Pastor/Priest will be able to start here at St. Mark’s. I ask that your prayers con-tinue for the members of the Selection Committee and for the process that will bring to us the person that God intends.

I continue to be impressed and grateful for everyone’s work and support to keep the parish running so well during these “in between” times. Thank you!

Yours in Christ,

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