There are numerous learning opportunities within St. Mark’s in which adults can take an active part, including weekly worship, and special studies during Lent and Advent. Below are a few more:

Spiritual Direction Group
A Spiritual Direction Group meets monthly at St. Mark’s. It is led by a retired Anglican priest and attended by people who wish to share their spiritual journeys and listen to those of others in complete confidentiality.

Contemplative Prayer Group
Our Contemplative Prayer group that is open to all. It meets on Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. from September to June.

Telephone Prayer Chain
All are welcome to join St. Mark’s telephone prayer chain which prays daily for others in the parish and the community.

Our Book Club!

Library/Reference Centre
St. Mark’s small church library/reference centre is located in the downstairs hall, and is stocked by donations of reference books on religion, Christian fiction, children’s stories and biographies. The reference centre is available to all.

Anglican/Lutheran Programs & Training
There are numerous opportunities for those who wish to take part in different programs and training opportunities in both the wider Anglican and Lutheran Churches. Within the past few years, members have attended a variety of events outside St. Mark’s, including the Music Conference; Lay Visitors’ Training Weekend; Bishop’s Retreat for Laity; Children’s Ministry Conference; and Outreach Networking Conference, to name a few.

Please contact the office to learn more!